The worlds first TV app to view your NFT Art,
and half a million more.
View your NFT Art on your TV with any Roku device.
For the first time, you can view Ethereum based NFT art that you own on your TV. With the StreamNFT Roku channel, you can sign a Web3 wallet message, proving your ownership to us, and we’ll automatically download all your NFTs, and present them in the “My NFTs” portion of the StreamNFT Roku App.
Discover over half a million NFTs from the biggest marketplaces.
We’ve cataloged over 500,000 NFTs and present the best-of-the-best for your entertainment pleasure on your Roku TV system. This isn’t YouTube, or TikTok, but it’s similar. StreamNFT is pure art. 100% emotional expression from the World’s most talented digital and traditional artists.
Seamless login via Web3 integration, or explore with no login required.
The first product to ever bring NFT Digital Art to your TV, StreamNFT, is here. View your own NFTs with Web3 integration, or just viewing amazing NFT art with no technical skills required. This is unlike anything you've ever experienced, it’s beautiful, stimulating digital art, customized to your TV. Try it now!
How to setup StreamNFT
on your Roku Device

Step One

Create a secure account on NFT Lab

Your NFT lab securely links to Metamask, so you can easily view your NFT’s on your Roku Device.
Create an account on NFT Lab

Step Two

Search for StreamNFT in your Roku channel store

Download StreamNFT to your Roku device via the Roku channel store.
Go to the Roku channel store

step 3

Authenticate your Roku App and show off your NFT’s

Easily sync your StreamNFT with your NFT Lab account via a one time pin number.

step 4

Explore, like, and pin NFTs from the worlds biggest marketplaces

Find out more about every NFT from it’s artist and descriptiuon, to its last sold price.